Edward Culbertson has years of experience in deciphering complicated or antiquated deeds, tracing property titles, clearing easements and covenants, and handling landlord and tenant disputes.  He even understands future interests – reversions, rights of re-entry, possibilities of reverter, contingent remainders, defeasible fees, et al.

Even more usefully, he can explain the benefits and drawbacks of different types of ownership:  the creditor-shelter benefits of a tenancy by the entirety, the drawbacks to joint tenancy, the partition dangers inherent in a tenancy in common, and the limitations and uses of holding title in trust.  Ed Culbertson can untangle intricacies of Florida’s complex and changeable Homestead property laws, execute deeds in lieu of foreclosure, and draft enhanced life estate deeds.

Working closely with several local title agencies, Culbertson Law can expedite your closing, deed execution and recordation, transfer to trust, or title search.

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